acrylic panels

MDF with High Gloss Acrylic foil



The Acrylic panel is created through the co-extrusion from ABS and PMMA (Acryl). The layers consist of 4% pure ABS, 76 % unpure ABS, 15 % colored ABS and 5 % acryl. It is the acryl layer that gives the high gloss look to the panels. Immediately after production, a peelable protection foil is added to the surface. That way, the acrylic layer is not hardened completely. :

  • The glue from the protective foil contains a solvent that needs to evaporate.
  • The foil prevents air to reach the acrylic surface, and air is needed to start the hardening process. After removal of the foil, the hardening process can start. This process can take up to 72 hours.

To prevent scratches on the surface of the panels, it is recommended to use a polish. An example of such polish is Losán UltraGloss. It is available in bottles of 50 ml, and can be applied by using a soft rag.

Very important : 

  • Alcohol and abrasives are harmful for acrylic surfaces!
  • Fragile surface : ATTENTION! Immediately after removal of the protection foil, the surface is vulnerable for scratches. It is very important that the hardening process can start immediately after removal of the foil, without scratching the panels. Cleaning with soap water and/or Losan UltraGloss gives the best results.

Standard size

3050x1220 mm. Other sizes on request

Standard thicknesses

17,9 and 19,9 mm. Minimum thickness: 7,9 mm. Maximum thickness: 39,9 mm

Standard colors

Check Download section at bottom to download standard colors


These panels are bonded on MDF cores. The panels can be cut to size and edged (ABS) according to your wishes.


Matching ABS edging tape is available in high gloss 1,3 mm thick, and 23 mm wide. Again, the ABS edges are protected with a peelable foil.  Rolls of  100/200 lm/roll. 


Our unique service: cut to size, drilled and edged according to your wishes. Also for very small quantities.  

Useful information & tips

  • Remove the foil only after assembly & mounting
  • Good resistance against UV radiation
  • No visible changes when contact with water vapor occurs.
  • Resistant to temperatures of 75 °C dry/humid heat
  • Hygienic
  • Warm feeling
  • Recyclable
  • Small scratches can easily be polished away

NEW: Check Download section to download the brochure on Losan Acrylic Panels



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