Losan Benelux


Veneered board production started in Emmen, The Netherlands in 2003. Most of the veneer layons are produced in Losán Romania and in Spain, by our sister company Aserpal. The layons are delivered to our factory in a wide range of grades and sizes.Other splicing and slicing companies within the Group, e.g. in the USA and Chile, ensure a regular and secure supply of layons to the factory.

The layons are pressed on the core boards on a 'continuous press'. This high-end technology has almost no limits regarding flexibility, speed, reliability and efficiency.

In August 2009, a further investment has taken place, and Losán Benelux now has around 2500 m2 production area and 7500 m2 warehouse space.

Losán Benelux exports to 36 countries and is one of the leading producers of veneered boards in Europe. 





  • Phileas Foggstraat 112
  • NL-7825 AM Emmen
  • The Netherlands